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About JM ShopEasy

JM Operations was established in 1986 by Joseph Micallef as JM Distributors; a sole trader organisation, with the scope of purchasing soft drinks, beers and mineral water from local manufacturers and providing door to door distribution of the same products to consumers all over the Island. At the time Joseph was the only person working in the business, owning one delivery truck and a small yard where he used to keep stocks. Today, the door to door distribution segment consists of a team of individuals to meet consumers demand. Besides door to door distribution, JM Operations established itself as a professional vending machines operator and maintains an extensive distribution network on the island under the JM Vending brand (JMV). JM Vending Services operates and services over 300 vending machines in the cold drinks, hot drinks, snacks, and ice-cream sectors which include machines of its property and rented machines from other parties. To maintain quality standards, working order and cleanliness, JMV provides regular vending machine replenishment, periodical maintenance and servicing as well as 24/7 technical support. Later in (insert year) the company introduced its bottle shop Discount Depot Cash & Carry which is now the hub of its business operations linking all segments of ‘ JM Operations ’. Located in Zejtun, the bottle shop offers customers an extensive range of beverages at wholesale prices. It also boasts a disposable, toiletry, dry, refrigerated foods and frozen foods section as well as a variety of dry products for catering use. In addition, customers may also purchase ice and gas products.

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Our Products

View our vast range of products from Alcoholic/Non-Alcoholic Beverages, Disposable Products, Toiletries, Catering Supplies, Dry/Refrigerated/Frozen Foods, to Grappa Gifts, Crystal Ware.

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Special Offers

View our special offers available in store and online. Special Offers are launched monthly. To enquire about special prices when purchasing in bulk quantity please contact us for more information.